Roof Extension Options to Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something that many homeowners begin thinking of when they are trying to sell their home. The truth is, curb appeal can be useful to help with increasing the property value of the home during neighbourhood inspections or as a way to simply add a more professional and updated appearance for your home in general. Landscaping is usually the way to do this, but you can achieve higher levels of curb appeal with roof extensions as well. Here are a few roof extension options to consider.

Covered Patio Roof Extension

One of the most common roof extensions that you can benefit from in both lifestyle and curb appeal is a covered patio. There are many options to choose from with this extension, including the materials used, the overall look of the extension, and the different amenities that can be added. For example, you may want to go with an inexpensive option that offers simple timbers as the patio structure post and roofing with a clear acrylic roofing. This will allow sunlight in and give you a more open and airy quality to the area. Another option would be a covered patio that extends outward to an outdoor cooking area. You can add amenities to these roof extensions such as ventilation, ceiling fans, and lighting as well.

Driveway Roof Extension

When you think about adding curb appeal and a roof extension that will also benefit your family, you may not think of a driveway roof extension. The truth is, this type of extension can be very beneficial by offering you a covered area for your cars, storage for lawn equipment, and a shaded area to gather with friends. The driveway roof extension can be directly connected to the existing roofing on the garage side of your home so that your garage door can open to the driveway as well, giving you a covered walkway to your car during rainy weather.

Enclosed Swimming Area

In ground swimming pools are ideal for many families that enjoy being outside during summer months. One way to upgrade this area is to add roof extension and create an enclosed swimming area. This will leave your pool covered year round, give you the ability to control the temperature in that area, and help cut down on debris entering the swimming pool or pumps.

By taking these into consideration, you can find the best roof extension to fit your family's lifestyle as well as to build your curb appeal. If you are ready to move forward, contact your local roofing contractor for pricing and scheduling.