Standing Seam Panels Offer Strong, Flexible and Versatile Metal Cladding and Roofing Solutions

Traditional metal roofing products such as galvanised corrugated iron or zinc offer good roofing solutions, but there are some inherent disadvantages to their use. Standing seam metal roofing combines the benefits of traditional metal roofing with a more modern and stylish look with added durability and flexibility. Offering great visual appeal and suitability for just about any home or building design, panels are available in a range of different colours and materials. Standing seam roofing is an updated option to standard metal roofing and requires professional expertise for successful installation.

One of the main advantages of standing seam panels over ordinary metal roofing is that they form seals that are 100% water tight. Normally, metal roof sheets require a large overlap of about 200mm in order to stop water getting through, but this is not sufficient protection against rain when it is blown in or when capillary action allows water to move upwards and get into the roof. Standing seam panels avoid this problem by machine sealed, 25 - 38mm vertical ridges that are impenetrable to water or weather, which also enhances the strength of the joins to a large degree.

Due to their excellent weather-tight feature, standing seam panels are just as suitable for use in wall claddings as they are in roofing and are both durable and versatile so can be used in a range of different situations. They are suitable for cladding from vertical to almost horizontal (minimum 1.5°) applications, and work well with a variety of geometrical designs, including cones and domes, or for corners and other angles. The look of standing seam cladding is further enhanced by the use of hidden sliding clips and screws, which also help to absorb any movement. In addition, long panel lengths of 8m or longer further increases their versatility with a much wider range of options than traditional metal roofing sheets, particularly when used for external walls and roofing.

There are three basic styles of standing seam panels available, making them ideal for any application that requires flexibility of use. Standing seam is a basic style and includes all the advantages listed above. Snaplock panels are like standing seam panels but snap together without the need for crimping (machine sealing), thereby speeding up installation. Nail Strip panels are designed to attach directly to the wall or roof (some types can be directly attached to battens) without clips or crimping, so installation is very straightforward and fast. This type of panel is only available in lengths of up to 6m.