Three Crucial Guidelines on Protecting Your Home from Roof Collapse Disasters

The collapse of a residential roof can cause severe injuries to the occupants, and the incident can even result in fatalities. Also, the potential financial losses and expenses from this type of accident can be astronomical. Therefore, you should protect your home from hazards which could lead to such disasters. In general, you should ensure that your roof is installed correctly by a licensed contractor. This choice will promote its stability and longevity. Also, consider using the below-outlined guidelines for a safer home.

Avoid Creep Load

Residential roofs are strong and durable, and they are not vulnerable to normal stresses. However, you should remember that the manufacturer designed and fabricated the system only to cover the home. So, the structure has specific load-bearing capabilities, and it cannot withstand loads with weight beyond this limit.

If you expose your roof to heavy loads, creep deformation will occur. This means that the roof will slowly move and change shape under the mechanical stress exerted. You should avoid stepping on the roof and placing items unnecessarily on the surface. Moreover, you should cut overhanging branches which could cause strain to the roofing. The damage from the pressure will be gradual, but the long-term deformation can cause collapse.

Prevent Snow Accumulation 

You should monitor the status of your roof during the winter season. While these building features can withstand the accumulation of snow, their capability is limited. If a lot of packed snow builds up on the roof, the mechanical stress on the roof will increase. If the weight exceeds the load-bearing specifications of your roofing system, an eventual collapse will be inevitable. The possibility of an accident is particularly high if your roof is considerably old and weak.

In most cases, you can prevent roofing damage by preventing the excess accumulation of snow on your roof. This task is quite simple when you are using a snow rake. Make sure to pay particular attention to the areas with the highest build-up and uneven deposits.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Finally, you should be diligent in the maintenance of your roofing system. In general, roofs do not collapse in a day; instead, the structures weaken until they break. If you perform upkeep tasks, you will be able to notice anomalies in the building element. Consequently, you will be able to commission timely repairs or replacement, averting danger. 

If you are concerned about the current status of your roofing system, you should consult an experienced contractor for inspection and roof renewal services