How to protect your roof from developing leaks from structures which pop through it

The roof protects your home from the harsh weather conditions such as severe sunshine, the wind and storms. The roof also contributes to the overall beauty of the home, and when well-maintained, it can significantly improve the resale value of the house. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that the roof is in perfect condition at all times, and especially during this extreme summer heat. Here are a few tips on how to protect your roof from developing leaks this season.

Leaking chimneys

Chimneys are a structure that pops through the roof and is a common source of leaks in the home. When checking the chimney, find out whether it has a cricket, and whether it has proper flashing and counter-flashing. If flashing has not been correctly done, find out if it needs to be resealed. Resealing the area around the chimney will secure your entire roof and protect it from diverting the natural flow of rainwater off the roof.

Leaking plumbing vents

Vents are another common source of roof leaks in the home. When inspecting them, check whether the stacks were secured with neoprene or rubber. If they were secured using the two, make sure that the material hasn't cracked with age, creating a passage route for rainwater. Replacing the old rubber or neoprene will reduce the possibility of leaks.

The skylights

The skylight traps rainwater behind it a lot of the time. When this happens, and the flashing is not in good condition, this water might start seeping into the ceiling, which can lead to rotting, mould and mildew. There are also times when the skylight itself might develop a leak, leading to water seepage into the home. Check the condition of the skylight and the surroundings and make sure that there is little possibility of leakage.

Other sources of leaks from structures which pop out of your roof include satellite cables, especially when they are not flashed properly. The best person to perform an inspection of the roof, and make sure that none of them is posing a leaking threat to your home. In addition to the regular checkup, you should make sure that you do not place undue pressure on any of these structures, such as pulling on the satellite cable carelessly. These actions will significantly compromise the integrity of the roof. In case the leak is not coming from these structures, consult a roofing specialist to locate and fix the problem.