Preparations You Should Make Before Installing a New Roof

One of the best investments a property owner can make is the installation of a new roof. Other than enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house through new roofing designs, new roofing lasts long. Since this project is time-consuming and demanding, homeowners are always advised to prepare adequately. This ensures that the work unfolds smoothly. Here are preparation guidelines you should consider before your roofing contractor gets to the site.

Ensure roofers can comfortably access the roof

Your roofing contractor needs to access the roof to perform their work. They will need to tear off the old roofing and install the new one. This kind of project requires a lot of space around the building so be sure to clear up the entire outdoor space. If you have patio grills, furniture or other equipment close to your house, consider removing them. Cars and other items on your driveway should be removed as well. If you have installed a solar system, antenna, or satellite dish near or on the roof, you'll need to remove them too. Contact your solar, satellite or cable provider to get the job done before roof work starts.

Organise a safe place for your children and pets

It would be unsafe for your kids and pets to be around a roofing work zone. While children may be excited to see everything, even from a distance, this isn't recommended. Moreover, loud noise can disrupt their sleeping habits and increase anxiety. Inform your children about areas that are off-limits and that materials such as nails, ladders and sharp metallic objects are hazardous. If you realise that they do not understand the dangers, take them to a relative's or friend's house while the roof gets replaced.

Protect your wall decorations

Wall decorations tend to be very delicate, and it will be very difficult for them to withstand the vibrations from machinery and hammers on the roof. So, any pictures or other decorations that hang on the walls or from the ceiling should be removed. Also, flower beds should also be protected from dirt, dust and other metallic items.

Cover or remove items in your attic

Most homeowners like storing items in the attic. As the roof gets replaced, the installers will need to walk on the roof and will definitely pound it with hammers. As a result, small debris and dust will start falling in the attic space. Covering these items with drop cloths or old sheets will help keep them cleaner. Be sure to vacuum the area after construction.