Looking To Get a Timber Wall Frame? Tips for Choosing the Ideal Type

Many homeowners and self-builders are today choosing to use timber frames. That is because it takes a short time to build these structures. Additionally, creating a timber frame is cheaper compared to other options. Also, you do not need a lot of labour to build these structures. Sometimes, you can get ready-made frames from the factory. Your only job will be to assemble them on-site. Timber wall frames are popular because of their many advantages. If you wish to build a timber wall frame, here are the different types you can install. 

Open-Frame System

You can find the open-panel system from many companies. With open panels, the inner part of the wall usually does not have a casing. That means the structure is made using a softwood frame. The contractors then use OSB to cover the outside. When you opt for this frame, the delivery to the site will be fast. You will, however, need to put in more effort when assembling the panels. You will need to install any door or window frames on-site. You can then put up a water isolation system. Any heat insulation, plumbing and wiring works are done after the structure has been water isolated. You can then finish the process by sealing the frames using plasterboard. 

Closed-Frame System

Closed-frame systems are famous in some parts of the world. With the closed-frame system, necessary installations are completed before the frame is delivered to the site. The manufacturers will install all the windows and doors. They will also include all the required communications into the panels before delivery. That is why such frames are also called panel houses. When you choose such a panel, then you will need to do less work on-site. The problem with panel houses is that it is impossible to make any changes to the structure. 

DIY Timber Frame

Finally, you can also choose to build the timber wall frame on your own. You should, however, understand that you are the one doing everything. You will not enjoy some services that the timber construction company offers. For instance, you will need to think about transporting the materials and finding the right tools for assembling. Also, you will be the one responsible for preparing all the vital documents. An experienced firm can also ensure you get a high-quality and robust frame. That may not be the case when you are doing the job alone. That is why it is best to let the professionals handle the installation of your timber wall frame.

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