Issues That A Roof Restoration Can Resolve

You might be considering restoring your roof, which involves both rescuing its integrity, plus its appearance.  This can be an especially worthwhile and urgent project, particularly if you're experiencing any of the following issues.  

Escalating Heating Bills

If you notice a sudden escalation in heating bills that you can't explain by other means, the problem may lie within your roof. Holes and rifts in the cladding, be it tiles or metal sheets, allow cold air into the roof cavity, the space between your ceiling and the rooftop. Then, the ceiling plaster is the only barrier separating warm rooms from the cold air that has infiltrated the roof space. In such a case, your roof cladding is no longer performing its role as an insulator, protecting your home from the outside temperatures.

Mouldy Ceilings

A roof restoration can also, at times, resolve mouldy ceiling issues. If your roof cladding has holes, rainwater enters into the roof cavity. Once inside, it can soak into the ceiling plaster, causing unhealthy mould and mildew to grow. Part of the restoration process involves searching for and fixing leaks, thus resolving such dampness problems. You can then repair the ceiling, knowing that the cladding is watertight. 

Ugly Facade

An ugly home facade does not inspire pangs of pride as you gaze upon your home from the street. A restoration restores the integrity of your roofing — plus its appearance. During the process, your roof will undergo a pressure clean to remove soil and debris. After mending its structure, the cladding can then be covered with a sealant in a range of hues — to form a lustrous new finish. 

Hot Home In Summer

Another issue that a roof restoration can resolve is a too-hot house in summer. The roofing covers a vast expanse and faces the sky and sun. Thus, it's, unfortunately, in the ideal position to channel the sun's heat. You can address this weak link in your home's efficiency during a restoration by electing to cover the cladding in a reflective coat that bounces solar radiation away. This will keep your home cooler and lessen air conditioning costs.

A roof restoration can, thus, fix several issues, from mouldy ceilings to ugly facades that look old and decrepit. Efficiency problems such as excessive heating costs and uncomfortable rooms in the summer can also be addressed by the process that will make the roofing more sound as well as beautiful.

For more information, reach out to a local roof restoration service.