Top Signs That Your Metal Roof Needs Replacing

One of the biggest advantages of metal roofs is that they last long. However, they will not last forever, which is why you may find yourself thinking about and planning for metal roof replacement.

What are some of the hard-to-miss signs that it is time for metal roof replacement? Here is a quick look at some of these signs.

Loose Roof Panels

Your metal roof panels can become loose due to old age and stress from weather, among other factors. A professional roofer can advise you on whether to reseal the panels or to consider a metal roof replacement. Replacement is usually the best option if the damage is severe, coupled with other factors such as your metal roof being too old.

Rusted and Visibly Deteriorated Roof Panels

A protective coating over your metal roof will protect against rusting. The coating itself may only last for so long, as it can get eroded by the weather and other elements. Once this happens, your metal roof panels will be more susceptible to rust formation. A build-up of this rust takes away from the aesthetics of your roof, not to mention that it also compromises the structural integrity of the panels.

Apart from rusting, other potential causes of roof panel deterioration include exposure to both natural and unnatural disasters, including extremely bad weather and human interference. If the damage is beyond repair, then you must think of getting a metal roof replacement.

Changes to Internal Temperature

Metal roofs are excellent insulators that contribute to lower energy costs by keeping your spaces warmer in the colder seasons and cooler during those hot summers. If you notice a change in temperature that is unlike anything you have experienced before, then your roof may be the culprit, and a metal roof replacement may be what you need.

Even if the temperature change is not as obvious, the difference may reflect in your utility bill. You have cause for concern if the bill comes much higher or lower than usual.

Leaking Roof Panels and Internal Damage

You know it's definitely time for metal roof replacement if your current roof cannot protect you from the elements. Water damage from a leaking roof may affect the walls, ceiling and, worse, your foundation. It may also affect the quality of your indoor air by encouraging the growth of mould.

Metal roofs are attractive, energy-efficient and long-lasting. If you notice signs of trouble, schedule a metal roof replacement so you can continue enjoying all these benefits.