4 Maintenance Tips to Winterise Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Winter weather can be incredibly harsh on a roofing structure. The low temperatures, rain and snowfall in some areas can degrade a poorly maintained roof. Pre-winter roof maintenance helps prepare the structure for the harsh conditions. This not only saves you from incurring huge repair costs but also prevents mid-season roofing emergencies. With this in mind, here are four maintenance tips so you can winterise your asphalt shingle roof.

Replace missing and broken shingles

Missing and broken shingles can be problematic for your roof. Missing and broken shingles increase the risk of water infiltration when it rains during the winter. As water seeps into the roof, it not only degrades the materials but also exposes your home to water damage. Therefore, carry out a professional inspection, paying attention to the state of the shingles. Replace all broken and missing shingles to protect the structure during the winter.

Clean roof and gutters

Roofs and gutters accumulate a lot of dirt and waste matter over the months. During autumn, trees shed leaves and small branches. This organic matter may end up on your roof and in your gutters, especially if you have trees overhanging your roof. When winter comes, the organic matter traps moisture and creates breeding grounds for moss, algae and mould. Also, the accumulation of organic matter on your gutters causes a blockage, which results in gutter leaks. Clean your roof to get rid of organic matter and prepare it for winter.

Inspect the structure for leaks

Roof leaks can go unnoticed for a long time. Missing shingles, leaking chimneys, and poorly sealed skylights are all potential sources of roof leaks. You won't notice the problem until it rains and water infiltrates the structure. The result is mould growth in your attic and ceiling, peeling paint, ceiling discolouration and damaged insulation. Inspecting your asphalt roof before the winter helps unearth and fix potential sources of leaks before they present a huge problem in your home.

Check the insulation

Roof insulation acts as a barrier between your roof and the rest of the structure. It prevents roof leaks and inhibits heat loss during the cold season. Quality roofing insulation can generate significant energy savings during the winter. Therefore, it's essential to check the insulation for signs of degradation. Also, this is the perfect time to determine whether you have adequate roof insulation. If not, re-insulate the roof to enhance its performance and increase energy savings.

Asphalt roof winterisation is an important step in preventing roofing problems during the winter. Contact a professional roofer for roof repair and maintenance services.