Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take care of your roof. When you do that diligently, it will serve you for years without significant issues. The best way to maintain your roof in top shape is by hiring professional roofing contractors for regular maintenance. Routine inspections enable you to detect emerging issues early enough and get them fixed immediately. Besides professional roof inspection, there are several roof maintenance practices you can carry out to protect your roof from untimely damage. Read on to learn these tips.

Check the Status of Your Shingles

Shingles are the coverings on your roof that overlap each other. They play a significant role in keeping your home protected from the sun, snow and rain. Because of their exposure to these harsh elements, they are susceptible to damage. Therefore, you should check the condition of your shingles at least once a year. If some are missing or warped, call your roofing contractor to fix them.

Always Clear Your Roof of Any Debris Buildup

For your roof to shield you effectively from hailstorms, snow and strong winds, you should clear the debris collected in gutters regularly. When your gutters get clogged, your foundation and walls get exposed to mould and rotting.

In the process, the gutters also wear down from the weight of debris, causing them to unfasten and detach. You can quickly clear your gutters with a broom, but avoid exerting too much pressure so as not to damage them. Alternatively, you can hire a roofing company to clean up your gutter system.

Get Rid of Any Moss

Moss thrives in wet, humid and moist areas, such as the roof. The growth of these plants can tamper with your roof in a significant way. As they grow, they push the shingles off and encourage leakages, rotting and discolouration. Eventually, the winds might blow away the roof, prompting an untimely replacement. Therefore, find professional help before the situation gets out of hand. A trained roofing contractor has the right tools and techniques to remove unwanted plants from your roof without causing further damage.

Have Tree Branches Trimmed

Though trees are essential in your home, they can damage your roof when they overgrow. Overgrown tree branches can drop off during a windy day and impair your roof. Thus, having the branches trimmed occasionally is crucial in protecting your roof. 

The roof is such a significant part of your home. Therefore, perform the maintenance practices mentioned above to extend its life. Do not also forget to hire a professional roofing company for an annual roof inspection.