How to Tell Your Roof Needs a Replacement

After the roof installation is complete, that is not the end of the story. You need to start taking care of your roof as early as possible and not wait until there is a problem to call your roofing contractor. Routine maintenance saves you many headaches and costly damage down the line. 

However, your roof will need a replacement at some point in time, no matter the care you give it. Take a look at some of the signs indicating a need for an immediate roof replacement

Light Beams and Water Marks in the Attic

Some roofing issues begin to develop in the interior parts of the house, so the best place to start from is the attic. Grab your flashlight and check the status of the attic. If you see beams of light from your roof through the attic, your roof might be due for a replacement. Stains on the attic floor also indicate roof damage. Both signs mean your roof is punctured and might require replacement if the holes are widespread.

Consider Whether a Replacement Is Due

It is advisable to note down the date when your current roof was installed. With this information, you will be better positioned to know when to call a roof replacement company. Usually, each type of roofing has a specific life span. For instance, shingles can last around 20 years. So, when the roof goes beyond this period, start shopping for a new one.

Worn-Down Shingles

Essentially, you should do a yearly inspection of your shingles to check their condition. After a whole year of exposure to heavy storms, winds and snow, your roof may become damaged sooner than expected. Cracking, buckling, leaks, curling and any other damage require the attention of a roofing contractor. When they assess the damage, the contractor may recommend a roof replacement or repair, depending on the extent of the damage. 

Moisture and Leaks in the Roof

Roofs usually leak when water lacks a place to go. What happens is that the water gets sucked into the roof membrane. If the problem continues, the entire rooftop might lose its strength due to moisture accumulation. It might also start developing mould and fungi, which cause unsightly discolouration. If the problem is minor, a repair will suffice, but if it is a significant issue, you will need to set a budget for a new roof.

Signs of Cracks, Splits and Tears

Crack, spits and tears are signs of a failing roof. If you fail to fix these issues early, your roof might begin to absorb water and eventually become uneven. If the roof is severely damaged, a roof replacement might be the best option.

Though a roof replacement is a costly project, it might be crucially important to protect your home and family from roofing catastrophes. So, find a reputable and experienced roofing contractor to discuss the available options for your new roof.